Throughout my life, I’ve endured a number of challenges but the most difficult by far was the traumatic brain injury that I incurred while attending undergraduate. Over the years I would create a variety of physical and mental exercises to retrain my brain. My mentality for years was those who begin charitable organizations need to have a surplus of assets for it to function but after some internal dialogue I realized if affected so much by something, then create a worthy cause that expresses your passion in helping others.  Behold, The Chiari Project.

After reaching a high level of frustration in finding pain management solutions online for the symptoms of Chiari Malformation (CM) and Syringomyelia, I realized the need for an organization that could eventually discover its own answers. In turn, this would allow affected individuals to receive help physically and psychologically.

There are several other Chiari related organizations, but my vision is to create awareness through self help guided practices. I want to lead an initiative to help out a condition that really hits home and build a framework that can provide support for future generations. This movement requires a lot of energy and now the wheels are set in motion to spread awareness and create more solutions to improve the quality of life for those affected by these debilitating neurological conditions.

Thank you for your support.

Jared E. Katz, Executive Director and Founder of The Chiari Project