“Just the Beginning of the Process!”

Throughout my life, I’ve endured a number of challenges but the most difficult by far was the traumatic brain injury that I incurred while in college. It was obvious that starting a non profit was not going to be a simple task as I was well aware of the amount of mental energy that would need to be exerted in order to accomplish the initial agenda. While I thought that I might have been entering uncharted waters by pursuing this, I was confident that my ability to be independently strong would ultimately help me in my quest to start this organization. My mentality for years was those who begin charitable organizations need to have a net worth in the millions for it to function but after some internal dialogue I realized if affected so much by something, then create a worthy cause that expresses your ideas . Behold, The Chiari Project.

After reaching a high level of frustration in finding solutions for the pain I suffer with Chiari Malformation (CM) and Syringomyelia, I initially wrote my vision down in a plan. I checked out old school books revolving around non profits from the library. These were outdated books which did not include social media tactics, but ones that explained principles for a successful charity. I would ingest this information and then apply it to my own framework.

You must crawl before you can walk and thats why I created a support system by first setting up a Fundly account in order to secure monetary support from my network meaning friends, family and that random person from the past.  These funds would be used to attain 501(c)(3) status. I only asked for a minimum donation of $10 and explained to everyone that it was not about the minuscule amount, but more about the psychological support of having their name on the site. This would become the first fundraising effort which would serve as a stepping stone to future campaigns.

With scarce resources, it was time to create the online presence, which means having a website that explains the mission with highlighted pictures and more importantly, an introductory video demonstrating original content. Branding is essential, so a logo was created and with the skills of several devoted and talented volunteers who believe in helping, we have now launched the site with introductory media. There are several other Chiari related organizations, but I have a special vision to create awareness through an original research vehicle of offering fellowships to graduate students at universities with brain research affiliations across the U.S.

I want to lead an initiative to help out a condition that really hits home and build a structure that can provide support for future generations. This was a movement which required a lot of energy and now the wheels are set in motion to spread awareness for this condition because this is just the beginning of the process.

Thank you for your support.

Jared E. Katz