Patients who have Chiari malformations and/or syringomyelia, can manage their pain symptoms in alternative methods, rather than undergo surgical operation or consume opiates. Those who elect surgery and experience a reduction of pain might still be left with their symptoms. There is a likelihood that surgery can cause complications, with even new symptoms developing. Chiari Pain managementIf this is the case, the patient should go visit their local neurologist, a pain management clinic or even conduct their own due diligence on alternative therapies.

Physiotherapy, exercise and occupational therapy can assist in the management of chronic pains and that affect various parts of the body.

Chiari malformations along with syringomyelia can have life-altering effects, even with the aid of surgical methods and prescription medications offered by neurosurgeons, neurologists and pain relief specialists. Complementary therapies need to investigated by the patient so they can find the pain management prescription because every Chiari case is different. Click to see the COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY TABLE

The Chiari Project’s main focus is discovering pain management solutions for those suffering these debilitating conditions. The Chiari Project is currently working on a PAIN MANAGEMENT GUIDE. Physicians from different disciplines of medicine who treat CM patients will contribute chapters for this all inclusive guide. We will have input from neurosurgeons, nurse practitioners, psychologists and those who practice the holistic side of treatment.

This project will have a target date of Spring 2019.


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Brain Health is comprised of four elements: physical exercise, nutrition, cognitive activity and social engagement. Maintaining brain health aids in the reduction of potential cognitive decline which can lead to Dementia, Alzheimer’s or similar conditions. TCP aims to aid in natural pain management and create a therapeutic approach for those suffering from CM. We will build content of self help videos in 2019 with the help of health professionals. From exercises to tranquil meditation methods, we will offer advice for an effective approach for your Chiari body.